"Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

"Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

AP US Sample Essay 1

Patrick Henry said “Give me Liberty or Give me Death” In a well structured essay supported by facts, explain how the definition of “Liberty” may have changed for the colonists from years 1763-1783.


• Intro – How the definition of “Liberty” changed.
• Supporting Facts:
o End of French & Indian War
o Sugar & Stamp Acts
o Repeal of the Stamp Act
o Boston Massacre
o Boston Tea Party
o “Sons of Liberty”
o Gaspee Incident
o Intolerable Acts:
▪ Quartering Act
▪ Boston Port Bill
o Committees of Correspondence
o 1st Continental Congress
o 2nd Continental Congress
▪ “Olive Branch Petition” – keep peace with Britain (John Dickinson)
▪ Continental Army – George Washington
▪ Declared Independence
o Washington Crosses the Delaware
o Valley Forge
o Victory at Yorktown
o Treaty of Paris
• Conclusion – Liberty now meant total independence.


When Patrick Henry stated “Give me liberty or give me death” in 1775, he was trying to convince the colonies to fight against the tyranny of Britain. Between the years of 1763 and 1783 the definition of “liberty” for American colonists changed tremendously. It changed from their desire to be equal as British subjects to wanting total independence from Britain.
When the French & Indian War ended, Britain was deeply in dept. In order to raise revenue, Britain started to tax the colonists. The first direct tax on the colonists was the Sugar Act. To further anger the colonists Britain imposed the Stamp Act. This act required a stamp to be place on all legal documents. Britain found it impossible to enforce due to protests led by Sons of Liberty, so the act was eventually repealed. The Sons of Liberty were based in Boston, the center of the revolution, the scene of...

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