Global Communications Gap Analysis

Global Communications Gap Analysis

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Gap Analysis: Global Communications
University of Phoenix

Gap Analysis: Global Communications
The telecommunications industry is very competitive. Global Communications is a company in the telecommunications industry that is looking to increase its revenue, and become a global leader in the market.
As Global Communications takes the necessary steps to increase its place in the market, the Executive Leadership Team they encounter conflict with the employee union, and were faced with the ethical dilemma of identifying employees to layoff. The following is a discussion of the issues faced by GC and the opportunities presented that lead to a positive outcome.
Situation Analysis
Issue and Opportunity Identification
Global Communications has several issues regarding their company. The stock of the company went from $28 per share to $11 per share within three years. One reason for this is the mass competition Global Communications has with telephone and cable companies who offer bundled packages for phone, television, and internet services. Becoming a more profitable company is paramount; Global Communications has decided to cut costs by outsourcing the technical call centers to Ireland and India. The outsourcing will cause a large layoff or relocation of some employees.
Relocation causes a separate issue, these employees will have to take a 10% pay cut if moved to another facility. Another major issue that Global Communications faces is not communicating or working with the Union and finding a better solution for the employees or the company after the Union gave up many benefits in the last contract negotiations. Global Communications should have communicated with the Union as soon as they started thinking of outsourcing any positions. "By improving decision making, knowledge management, employee needs and coordination; company can progress and retain the name in the communications industry. Workplace...

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