Global Communications Stakeholder Perspectives and Ethical Dilemmas

Global Communications Stakeholder Perspectives and Ethical Dilemmas

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Problem Solution: Global Communications
Terri P. Johnson
University of Phoenix

Problem Solution: Global Communications

Global Communications is an information technology (IT) service provider. The company needs to increase its revenue. To give the company a competitive edge, upper management has prepared a new growth strategic plan that was approved by its Board members. The plan is to introduce new products and services, cut costs, and initiate outsourcing in the global market. The key to success in global outsourcing is the use of effective communication.
Global Communications needs effective communication in its decision-making process. Outsourcing involves ability to innovate and create ideas for the company’s products and service to move forward with a competitive edge. The company’s knowledge base and problem-solving techniques requires effective communication to create ideas for new products and services.
Global Communications needs educational awareness of cross-cultural communication and language barriers. The staff should also be educated on what the company expects of its employers and interpretation of work related concepts used in the daily operation of the business. .

Situation Analysis
Issue and Opportunity Identification
Global Communications is a telecommunication company that needs to increase its revenues and profits. The company’s stock is half of what it was three years ago. The decrease in stock shares can be attributed to the industry having too much competition in its field. New telecommunication businesses are expanding into the global market, such as the cable company new multi-media bundle package. Global Communications has the approval of the Board to initiate a new growth strategic plan. The plan will include new products and services, cost cutting measures, and global outsourcing.
Global Communications’ new strategic plans will...

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