Global Warming: an Environmental Issue

Global Warming: an Environmental Issue

Global Warming an Environmental Issue

Global warming is leading to the loss of our environment and the economy that thrives off of the environment. There are an assortment of contributers to global warming such as increase greenhouse gases and people that do not give a damn about the environment and economy's' sake for example. These issues can lead to serious holes in the environment and the economy that thrives off of a good environment. And if these issues are not solved any time in the future then then world will be destroyed in a figurative way.

First off, what are some of the common contributers to global warming. The main and most notable one is rises in the greenhouse gases. The greenhouse gases consist of carbon dioxide, CO2, methane, CH4, Nitrous Oxide, N2O, chlorofluorocarbons also known as CFC's, and ozone. The first of the greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, has some positive and negative effects on the environment. The positive effects of rising carbon levels in our environment is that carbon helps out plants. Which means that as the carbon dioxide reaches higher levels the plants that need that carbon dioxide will photosynthesize at a faster rate than plants at a previous period of time. This increase in photosynthesis means that the plant will grow at a faster rate than most other plants from previous years before these carbon dioxide rises. Which in the short run may seem good but in the long run we will have cut down so many trees that the plants will not be able to absorb as much carbon dioxide. This also leads to the negative effect of rising carbon dioxide levels. The loss of trees in the environment is going to lead to the carbon dioxide just building up in the atmosphere and thus that means that the atmosphere will start to deplete and lead to rising temperature that cause global warming.

The next gas is methane. Methane, itself, is less important of a greenhouse gas compared to carbon dioxide but...

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