Global Warming

Global Warming

Episode starts with Thapki looking at Bihaan's drawing and thinking that in this drawing the boy is Bihaan as he is holding a stick and hitting his brother Dhruv from the back. She questions what does this Peacock feather represent? I will have to ask Bihaan. Bihaan comes in room and Thapki asks lets play a game. Bihaan on seeing Thapki, loses his senses and goes into another world, imagining only Thapki with background song Tum Tak.
Thapki says I will say a word and the first thing comes into your mind on hearing that word, you will tell that. Bihaan says what is this game? This is so kiddish, lets play a grown up game. Thapki says that through this game I will know what is in your heart. Bihaan replies, is that so? You will know everything about what is inside my heart? Gajaab! Thapki says 'badal', Bihaan replies 'barish'. 'Train'.. He says "Chuk chuk gadi'
She says, 'Peacock feather'. He replies, 'Bhagwan'.

Bihaan gets a phone and leaves the room saying we will continue this game after the break. Thapki realises that Bihaan calls Bhagwan to Maa. She joins the dots and concludes that it was Vasu who had stopped my marriage with Dhruv as she has stated before also that she hates people who stammer. Sharadha says why was Thapki lying? She sees Bihaan..and says the biggest fool is Bihaan who is believing her. I will expose Thapki infront of everyone. Daadi Maa is reading a paat. She says that all the solutions to problems are in this paat. Thapki asks that what if the truth hurts everyone? Daaddi says whatever the truth has to be out. Thapki says to herself, Vasu's truth will be out in front of family

Aditi tells Thapki's Maa that Diwaker and his mother are both liars. They are hiding something. She brings in a box. Opens it but there is a dress inside it. Aditi's Maa says sorry to Diwaker's Maa. Diwaker says I did this deliberately now you will see what I will do to KK's wife.

Bihaan on phone call says that there should be no mistakes today....

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