Select an economic, political, or cultural activity in your city or town, and discuss how it has been influenced by globalization.

There is a small town in northern Idaho, practically Canada, where hunting is a way of life. I grew up in this place, Sandpoint Idaho. Hunting has changed in Sandpoint over the last several decades. It used to be that when you shot the monster buck you would come back into town and brag about it in the bars and restaurants until everybody in town knew about the beast you had conquered. There is even a restaurant in town that has pictures of hunters standing next to there prized creatures, which range from huge fish to gigantic bears. But due to this ongoing idea about globalization the small town culture has changed quite a bit.

Globalization is the increasing interconnectedness of people and places through converging economic, political, and cultural activities. With the telephone and the ever increasing use of the internet the small town pride has died and turned into a global network of comparing who is the best. Instead of just your town knowing that you shot a ten point buck now the whole world can know.

In a sense globalization has taken away the small town pride out of hunting. Now when you go to places and you are talking to a stranger and say “yeah, back home a buddy of mine just got a 250lb cougar!”he will laugh and say “well some dude over in Arizona got a 270lb cougar just last week!”. It really is a shame, instead of being the big fish in a little pond globalization has turned my town into a tiny fish in a vast ocean.

Globalization can be great and it is used for many wonderful things but it does have plenty of downsides when you really get into it. In the case of hunting in my hometown of Sandpoint Idaho I would have to argue that it is a bad thing. It haas taken away the small town pride that we used to have. In a sense it has robbed us of our culture by making the rest of the world just a few seconds away....

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