God as a Construct of the Mind

God as a Construct of the Mind

University of Sarajevo
Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo

Seminar work for
Contemporary English I

God as a construct of the mind

Name and family name: Tomislav Piplica
Index number: 43580
Group: III

Sarajevo, November of 2011

This essay contains only my own words and thoughts. There will be no bibliography nor will third party literature be used.

We can consider the previous disclaimer a kick-off to this essay. Any introduction is sufficient to this topic. If you are wondering why, well, then don't even bother reading. Will it meet your requirements and fulfil your expectations? That I do not know, but I can assure you it will most definitely make you think differently of the belief in God /god. I used a slash to divide what is to be divided. The current paragraph will possibly be uninteresting because it reads about what you are and are not going to encounter in this essay which will gradually become more scientific and formal for all the formalists to enjoy it.
The classification and ranking system I’m using here might seem awkward and non-appropriate but will suit the purpose. I suppose it’s time to start now.

Since the dawn of time, men aspired to be godlike and the best way to prove it at least symbolically and in an abstract way is by taking Satan’s persuasive voice in The Garden of Eden as an example. Why did Eve take that apple? Why did she induce Adam into eating the apple? It all remains unclear and unsettled. One thing is sure though, they used Satan as an excuse for committing the sin. The act of disobedience was harshly punished by their life-giver, allegedly God/god thus they were expelled from The Garden of Eden. They found themselves rather uncomfortable in the moment of acknowledging evil and ignorance. That situation was well represented by nudity. Nudity has a symbolic meaning here; obviously the whole Bible is written in metaphors and every word has a connotative feel to it. Was nudity the way to...

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