PSYC 1101
Fundamentals of Psychology
3 Semester Hours

Dewar College of Education
Valdosta State University
Department of Psychology and Counseling
Conceptual Framework: Guiding Principles (DEPOSITS)
(adapted from the Georgia Systemic Teacher Education Program Accomplished Teacher Framework)

Dispositions Principle: Productive dispositions positively affect learners, professional growth, and the learning environment.

Equity Principle: All learners deserve high expectations and support.

Process Principle: Learning is a lifelong process of development and growth.

Ownership Principle: Professionals are committed to and assume responsibility for the future of their disciplines.

Support Principle: Successful engagement in the process of learning requires collaboration among multiple partners.

Impact Principle: Effective practice yields evidence of learning.

Technology Principle: Technology facilitates teaching, learning, community-building, and resource acquisition.

Standards Principle: Evidence-based standards systematically guide professional preparation and development.

Feldman, R. (2013). Understanding Psychology (11th Ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.
Bookstore Price: $188.90. The book comes packaged with access to Connect at no extra charge. Students are required to have access to Connect, a learning platform associated with the text. All tests and quizzes will be given in Connect so you must have access in order to take the tests.

A general survey course designed to introduce the student to the fundamental methods and content of contemporary psychology. PSYC 1101 is required of all psychology majors.


II. KNOWLEDGE OF STUDENTS AND THEIR LEARNING: Educators support the intellectual, social, physical, and personal development of all students.

III. LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS: Educators create learning...

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