Goodbye Whitley Bay

Goodbye Whitley Bay

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Artist’s Statement

I’m in my first year of studies at Elam after coming over to Auckland from England. I came a year ago to visit my parents, I needed to get away from England so had spent a few months in Thailand before coming to Auckland. I had planned on returning for university but one day I went to explore Elam, curious of what art school is like here. I didn’t intend to apply but I did and so here I am. Before leaving my hometown- Newcastle, I had successfully completed a years Art Foundation Course at Newcastle College. However, even though during that year I gained more knowledge of the art world and began to work more independently; I found I was constantly restless and unfulfilled with my academic studies.

The course at Elam has very clear structures and objectives which I enjoy as it gives me clear direction and aid, but also I find it gratifying the degree of flexibility we are given within the confines of a set project. This allows me to develop on the themes and ideas that interest me which keeps me ultimately focused on what I am producing. Most of my work this term has led to an overall theme of ‘distance’ which I feel has been inevitable because of the complicated journey I am following at this point in my life. I find that most of my work is connected because of my thoughts still occupied on friends and family in England. But even with this shadow of sadness that always weaves itself into my work I prefer the way I am here and the urge to return is no longer there.

I used to always draw figures and portraits. I enjoy trying to capture expressions and personalities and I’m very interested in profiles of people. This has lead me to a strong appreciation for Andy Warhol’s profile films particularly the examples featuring Edie Sedgwick because I’m keen on exploring how close the camera gets to her and how this technique is so personal and revealing. Also this year I watched the films ‘I shot Andy Warhol’ and recently ‘factory girl’ I...

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