Google in China Case Study

Google in China Case Study

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By Van Son Nguyen
Student ID: NGVAPM0311

Introduction 3
Business perspective 3
Ethical perspective 4
The way Google dealing with China 4
Recommendation 5
References 6

GOOGLE, one of the most powerful search engine in the world, it provides a range of features to the internet users that they will able to search images, videos, news, maps, products and phone number. In 2005, the Google became number one in the world in term of internet search service. In recent times, the company began to make a number of developments to its performance. The internet users are provided free access to free email, instant messaging, and blog services which is known as numerous new features from this company. In 2005, the quantity of full time employees at Google was approximately 4000. Moreover, over 80 billion dollars was the number of capitalization market of Google in 2005. The amount of profit was 1.5 billion dollars that the firm had made from its revenue, according to 6.1 billion dollars.
Google was found in 1995 by two computer sciences at Stanford, called Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The two students made a research on the two most powerful search engines at that time, Alta Vista and Yahoo. Page and Brin found that the method of searching used by these firms based in the similarity of words in query was not effective enough for the searcher’s intent. Therefore, PageRank was established by Page which will provide more relevant results to the searcher. The tool worked on a simple formula that the results would be ranked based on how often the website was cited by the viewer. In 1997, the search engine was renamed as Google which became a well-known brand name until now. However, this idea did not raise any interested from the internet companies due to a number of core advantages from the other well-known search engine companies, Alta Vista, Yahoo and America Online. Until 1999, the business of the two graduate students...

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