The Case Study

The Case Study

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1. What do you think are the underlying causes of conflict between the staff and the board?
We think the conflict between the staff and the board is the thing that the organization launched a search for a new executive director.

2. How have communication practices contributed to the conflict?

|communication |
|Problem |Solution |
|⑴ The board members only through the executive director to |solution⑴: The board members should contact the staff more than|
|acquainted information about the circs of the HELP.(L30-L34) |before, and the executive director should inform the staff what|
| |are the recent goals and the tasks putting out by the board. |
| | |
| |solution⑵: The HELP indeed need Louise to find a new executive |
|⑵Louise Antrobus, the HELP Center’s executive director, |director, after all, Louise knows the HELP very well. Webster |
|suddenly announced her intension to step down from her |should stay the Louise as possible as he can until the HELP |
|position.(L48-L51) Louise Antrobus should not abdicate her job |finds the new executive director. |
|without any mention. Webster should not say that “This is our | |
|responsibility, not Louise’s… (L69-L70)”. | |
| |...

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