CAse Studies

CAse Studies

CASE STUDIESEstate Agency Office Move Scenario

Sellitt, Quick & Soon are an estate agency. Business has been so successful recently that they have decided to move to new, bigger premises. Business for the future looks good, with many properties on their books and a large volume of enquiries. The movement to new premises will allow some expansion and provide a better location for prospective clients.

The owner of the estate agency, Mr. Big, has decided to lease new premises around ½ a mile from the existing site. As an independent project manager, the owner has asked you to manage the whole project to set up the new premises and move to the new site.

Sellitt, Quick & Soon has 14 Sales Executives, 6 Administrative Support staff, and 4 IT staff. The agency manager, Mr. Byte, is also an IT specialist and manages all IT and Administrative staff on behalf of the owner. Mr. Shark is the Sales Manager and is the manager of the Sales Executives.

A more powerful electricity supply needs to be installed at the new site by London Power, the local electricity company, to cope with the increased demands of the IT equipment. They will also be able to install a new broadband connection and the internal network cabling to enable internet access and a Local Area Network (LAN) to be set up. The IT equipment itself will have to be dismantled, moved, and reassembled at the new site. The IT staff will be expected to carry out the move of the IT equipment, and the setting up and testing of the LAN.

The new offices are in need of some slight redecorating before the staff can move into the new premises. The remaining staff have agreed to help out with this so that they can have some say in the choice of décor in their work environment. It is planned that the cabling and redecoration will be completed before the IT equipment is reassembled and tested.

The Administration staff will also be able to provide Project Support and Librarian facilities...

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