case study

case study


MANA 5339~PMBA~Frisco~Spring 2014
(Feb 20-Mar31)
Office Hours:
Course Time:

Dr. Susanna Khavul
COBA Room 231
After class. Arrange Appointment
M/Th: 6:00-10:00 (Feb 20-Mar 31)

817-272-3868 UTA Office (Prefer)

Required Cases:

Purchase from Harvard Business School Publishing
Tech support: 1-800-545-7685
R&R; Iridium; E-Ink; Spotfire; Apple;
(Edrich Instruments and Burberrys will be distributed).

Required Readings: In the HBS coursepack and distributed in class.
The following books are not required but may be helpful.
Suggested Books:

The New Business Road Test by John Mullins ISBN: 978-0273732792
The Lean Start-up by Eric Reis ISBN: 978-0-307-88789-4
The Four Steps to Epiphany by Steven Blank ISBN: 0-9764707-0-5
Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur
ISBN: 9780470876411

Suggested Textbook: Effective Small Business Management: An Entrepreneurial Approach by
Norman M. Scarborough ISBN: 978-0132157469
Entrepreneurship (än-tr-pr-nûr-ship) n. the process of organizing, managing, and assuming the
risks of a business or enterprise (Webster’s Dictionary, 2003). Entrepreneurship (MANA 5339)
is designed to help you understand how to identify and assess new venture opportunities in either
a start-up or a corporate environment. You will consider the attributes of entrepreneurs and the
role of entrepreneurship in the economy. At the end of this course, you will understand: how to
assess the market and financial feasibility of the new venture; how to use debt and equity
financing; how to drive market adoption, and how to lead a growing company.

In this class, you will learn through multiple methods. This is a case-based discussion course.
For the in-class discussion to be meaningful, case preparation...

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