case study

case study

Management Plan of Cyber Software

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This paper provides insights on how to create a management plan in order to resolve a specific
organizational issue. Given is the case of Cyber Software, security solution provider, a medium size
manufacturer of cyber protection software products. One medium sized client of Cyber Software, Inc. is
the Baltimore City Government. The city found that their website was hacked and credit card information
provided to pay water, sewer, real estate tax, and parking tickets was accessed. It was suspected that the
hacking was part of the recent attacks by Russian cyber thieves. Joseph Jackson is the CEO and owner of
the corporation. Fortunately for Jackson the company was able to respond quickly and only 275 people
were affected by the hacking. Reacting to this two new departments have been created by the organization
.This paper provides insights on the key aspects of creating a management plan for such a situation.

Management Plan of Cyber Software

Vision and Mission

Vision is where an organization sees itself at the end of the horizon OR milestone therein.
Mission defines the purpose of the organization that guides its actions, spells out its overall goal, provides
a sense of direction, and guides decision making for all levels of management.

What is difference?
Vision is a bigger picture and future oriented while mission is more immediately focused
on the present.
It is the vision that defines the end game and the mission is the road map that will take

you there.

It is the corporate vision that should determine its mission

Our Vision
Be thought...

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