Google Tracking

Google Tracking

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Jonida Mollai

Google is able to track Web searches for not only content, but also location of

the user. Recently they began reporting these searches to the CDC to help them

track the spread of the flu virus. How much of what you do on the Internet

should be traceable and reported to government agencies, and where do you

feel that a line should be drawn?

Google being able to track web searches and also being able to track a users location is more helpful then it is hurtful. There are so many different uses for the information gathered from tracking web searches and the locations of users. Some example of good uses would be to track someone getting ready to do some illegal operations such as planning attacks, harassing people, selling stolen items, and even searching for ways to make bombs. If there were better ways of tracking web searches to help prevent a terrorist or somebody with criminal intentions before they commit a crime, then the tracking should have no limits.
I don’t believe that too much of what we do on the Internet should be traced. There are lots of people that would set up red flags as a potential criminal just for being curious. An example would be I was interested how the explosive C-4 was made because I heard it was really easy. I found out quite simple how to do it on a web-site. If google was tracking my web searches then, investigators may have been knocking on my door and questioning me as a terrorist. I believe that they should link sites together to throw up flags to then tip off detectives. So if I looked up how to make a bomb and then went to different web-sites looking to buy the materials, then someone should be advised what I am doing so they can keep a closer eye on me.
The line of what should be reported to government agencies should be information about people that have not done anything to set up red flags. There is no need for the agencies to know everything about everybody for...

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