Gossip Magizines

Gossip Magizines

It never fails, no matter how hard someone tries to exit the check out lane with a gossip magazine secretly tucked into his or her grocery bag, either a checkout person or the kid bagging the groceries picks it up and says, at the top of their voice, 'Oh my gosh, Kathie Lee Gifford is getting a divorce and she's having an affair with Kevin Costner!?' Well, this high-pitched remark inevitably leads to an open discussion among everyone waiting in line behind that person. Ones's face turns red and one mutters that they are purchasing it for their mother-in-law and one exits the store in shame. So why does everyone go through this humiliating weekly ritual? They enjoy reading these magazines. It's popular because it's everyone's guilty pleasure.

Americans love to read about the personal lives of celebrities. The marital infidelities, the break- ups, the flings, the brushes with the law, and other intimate facts about the rich and famous attract the attention of millions of people. They seem to enjoy reading about the lives of our favorite television, music, and sports stars.

These magazines are meant to keep readers informed of the latest happenings in the personal lives of well-known people. Well- known stars of popular music, film, and television, grace the pages of these, with all sorts of juicy tidbits relating to their personal lives. Some of it is old news, some of it is factual, and some of it is rumors with no proof about the truth or falsity of the allegations. These magazines have one of the highest circulation rates of any published-and it reports absolutely nothing. This is a big, overblown gossip column that doesn't really ever tell us anything we didn't already know. So why do people read them?

They make a person feel important, one feels like they a apart of star's secret lives. People feel involved when they read these magazines. Most subscribers are housewives, these magazines allows them to leave small...

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