Government Basics

Government Basics

1.5 The Address and Reasons of Dissent of the Minority of the Convention of Pennsylvania to Their Constituents (1788)

After the failure of the Ariticles of Confederation, many states gathered to form a new type of government. This "constitutional convention" was one of many to draft a new, more successful form of government for the United States.
After writing several propositions, the convention released this idea into Pennsylvania to give the citizens time to consider it, weighing out the cons with the pros. However, the people did not agree with said plan.
Many suggestions and changes wer made to this document and the first consideration that it suggests was the omission of a Bill of Rights, ascertaining and fundamentally establishing those unalienbale and personal rights to me, without the full, free, and secure enjormyent for a good government to have control
The representation of a country changes thanks to this plan. It is moreover inadequate and unsafe, because of the long terms that it has been appointed, and the mode of said appointment, by which Congress may or may not only control the choice of the people but may so manage as to divest the epeopl of this right and be self elected.

1.7 Is the Constitution Democratic? (2001)

This was taken from Robert A. Dahl's book, How Democratic is the American Constitution.
He states that the Framers were wise, but they were also limited by their profound ignorance.
Although this statement sounds extremely disrespectful, it is not meant that way. Dahl recognizes that there are many men of exceptional talen and public virtue from the Framers.
For example, James Madison was one of out nation's greatest men. Without him, we would not be where we were today. But even Madison coul not foresee tje American republic's future.
Important aspects of an unforeseeable future were four general historical developments that would yield some potential knwoledge that the Framers necessarily lacked and that, had...

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