Basic Essay

Basic Essay

How to deal with work pressure
By Clint Song

Asking others for advice is a useful way to deal with pressure at work. I also use other ways to release my pressure.

Paragraph 1 TS:
Discussing problems with others can help us to find new solutions

Detail 1:
Seeking advice from my team leader and colleagues can help us to find a way to solve issues at work; therefore decreasing our pressure.

Detail 2:
Asking other people for help is a good way to decrease the pressure we’re facing at the moment and is also helpful in learning how to deal with problems that we will face in the future. We can learn from each other.

Paragraph 2 TS:
Other ways I use to release pressure include exercise, listening to music and travelling.

Detail 1:
I find that exercising, especially swimming, can help me to relax. When I’m in swimming after work, I forget all my pressures and feel refreshed, ready to deal with the pressure of the next day.

Detail 2:
Listening to my favorite music takes me away to another world and helps me to forget the things that make me stressed. I get lost in the music and can release all my pressure.

Detail 3:
After a period of time, I will ask for leave, take my luggage and go on a short holiday. After coming back to the office, I feel ready to get on with my work and deal with all those difficult situations.

Paragraph 3 TS:
We have different types of pressure and people use different ways to decrease their pressure.

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