Group Profiles

Group Profiles

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Women’s Mission Group of Cypress Grove
Group Profile

Shannon Q. Harwell

Generalist Practice II
Ms. Butler

The local Women’s Mission Group of Cypress Grove was established in 1963 by our own Sister Marion Kelly Gordon (McClain, 2011) but, one must talk about the organization in which the Mission group branched, which is Cypress Grove M.B. Church. Cypress Grove M.B. Church was established in 1873 by unknown forefathers. Cypress Grove is located at 34 county road 149 in Oxford, Mississippi. The church has remained in this location for its 138 years (Chatmam, 2011). Sister Gordon inanition of the Women Mission Group came out of concern for the younger generation of ladies that entered into the church and to offer spiritual guidance.
The main purpose of the Women’s Mission Group; plan and simply is spiritual growth and guidance. The women in this group offer their hands and hearts to those who have gone astray within the world. Whenever persons commit themselves to the church, members of the Women’s Mission Group are picked as spiritual warriors. Whenever one is lacking faith or in need of a prayer buddy, The Women’s Mission Group will pray and answer question to help persons regain the faith.
The Cypress Grove M.B. Church is the main sponsor for the Women’s Mission Group and the few members that are still active. Others funding came from bake sales, car washes, and benefit programs. There are no set fees for the active member to pay. Each member pays only what one can afford.
There are currently ten active members on the Women’s Mission Group, but there are fifty or more on the register. Some have died or simply stop coming. The members come from within the church. There are no special requirements, criteria, or age limits for one to join the Women’s Mission Group. There is no special recruitment or forms; one must come to meeting every Wednesday night to become a member. This is an open group. Members can and will come and go as they...

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