Group Properties / Group Performance

Group Properties / Group Performance

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Group properties / group performance
“A number of group properties affect group performance.”
Discuss the above statement by referring to appropriate theories.
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Groups are found all around us; in every aspect of life groups and teams play an important role. Depending on the context, groups take many forms, from formal groups at work to informal friendship groups. The difference between formal and informal groups is that formal groups are formally defined and structured while informal groups simply arise in the course of social contact.

Although the terms group and team are often used interchangeably in the literature, the two terms are in fact distinct. In a team the team members work towards a common purpose in an organised fashion. A team is always a group but a group is not necessarily a team.

There are several variations for the definition of a group. The essential feature of a group is that you can define its members by a certain attribute; they all share something in common. A simple definition of a group is ‘a set of two or more people who interact with each other to achieve certain goals or to meet certain needs’ (George & Jones, 2012). In the context of Organisational behaviour a group is usually defined as: ‘any number of people who (1) interact with one another; (2) are psychologically aware of one another; and (3) perceive themselves to be a group’ (Mullins, 2005, p. 518). This definition refers to a psychological group in contrast to a mere aggregate of individuals based on some trait. The differentiating characteristic of a psychological group compared to any other group is that the participating individuals acknowledge their participation in the group and collaborate with the other group members to achieve the common goal.
Groups in organisations
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