Gun Violence

Gun Violence

Annotated Bibliography

1. Lizotte, A, & Sheppard, D (2001). Gun Use by Male Juveniles: Research and Prevention, Juvenile Justice Bulletin, Retrieved December 14, 2007, from

This reference offers statistics related to the number of young men who use guns, the recent research data discussing who the offenders are, access to firearms, and the prevention strategies. It is the result of three separate research projects. The teams interviewed 4,000 participants at regular intervals for a decade, recording their lives in detail. Findings indicated that preventing delinquency requires accurate identification of the risk factors that increase the likelihood of delinquent behavior and the protective factors that enhance positive adolescent development. David Sheppard and Andrew Lizotte are both prominent well-known authorities on juvenile crime, justice and prevention. Dr. Alan Lizotte is a professor at SUNY Albany specializing in statistics and quantitative research methods, patterns of firearms ownership and use, juvenile delinquency, and victimization. David Sheppard, PhD, is a Program Director with COSMOS Corporation. He is also considered an expert in the field of juvenile justice, delinquency, and crime. (Lizotte, Sheppard, 2001).
2. Butts, J, Cogeshall, M, Gouvis, K, Mears, D, & Travis, J (2002). Youth, Guns, and the Juvenile Justice System. The Urban Institute, Washington, DC, Retrieved 12/6/2007, from

This research is an analysis of statistical trends and policy changes in juvenile justice including patterns of juvenile arrests, juvenile gun homicides, court cases related to gun violence and changes in laws and statutes. The Urban Institute prepared this report from research findings related to youth gun violence in the juvenile justice system. Authors Butts, Cogeshall, Gouvis, Mears & Travis collaborated as a team to...

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