Hard Works Pay Off

Hard Works Pay Off

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I believe that people should work hard at whatever they do even if they don’t like what they’re doing, they should still give it 100 percent effort because you never know what your capable of until you push yourself pass your limit. I also believe in the long run hard work does pay off.

My name is Brandon and I have been playing basketball since I’ve been in 6th grade which is approximately 8 years of my life. I first started out in the summer before 6th grade where I was on the Park Distinct Traveling Basketball Team. This is where I first learned how to play basketball and found out I wasn’t very good at it. This is the main reason why I liked football more than the sport basketball because I was naturally good at football and didn’t have to work as hard. But because of the way I was brought up; always being encourage to never give up and always work hard, I kept at it and kept working on my basketball skills so I could be good enough to make my high school freshman basketball team. And that I did, I made my high school’s freshman basketball team as a freshman, the sophomore team as a sophomore and the varsity basketball team my junior and senior years of high school.

During those years in high school I really began to practice hard on improving my basketball skills. My main goals was to get school (college) paid for off an athletic scholarship and get a free education. I indeed accomplished this goal and was rewarded a two year basketball scholarship at Parkland Junior College. There in my two years I was definitively better than I was when I first started out playing basketball, which I know was because of the hard work I put into improving my skills all throughout my life. After having two good seasons at parkland on and off the court I graduated .The final step I had in mind was to come to Northern Illinois University and make (walk-on) the basketball team. Many doubted me and said I wasn’t good enough to make a Division 1 basketball program, but...

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