Having a Good Education

Having a Good Education

In todays world, having a good eduaction is always important to have. There is so many opportunitys that can occur when you get a good education. A couple of examples would getting a good job and getting knowledge for life.

These days, finding a good job is important to have. The reasons for that is you can support your family. One day, I hope I could have the opportunity to take care for my family so that they could be happy and not suffer no more.
As of right now, I have 2 siblings that are just finishing highschool and are planning on going to college. What I want is have a good job before they finish so I can take care of them so that I know I will be a good older brother.

Even though getting a good job is important. Another reason would be getting knowledge for life. In life, you cant be successfull with out preperation and knowledge for school. Thats one of reasons why when you do go to school, you learn certain things that could benifit you for the future. You can either go to school for four years or do a tech achool for 2. The point is either way your getting knowledge regardless which you can use in life.

I also feel going to school will benifit out lives as well as yours. I will conclude that i will one day go to school and become somebody and go to school for my family so one day I can secure and take care for them

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