Having Courgage in Dicourgageing Times

Having Courgage in Dicourgageing Times

Having Courage In Discouraging Times

Even though we are Christians it looks at times that we are facing extremities in our lives with our health, finances, family and more. But we must not be discouraged, depressed, frustrated, angry, especially angry with God, and so on; because when we face extremities we will find that it is God’s opportunity to step in if we will continue to believe He is at work.

I want to help you right from the start with this important statement: If you are ever angry with God or frustrated with Him, you are only doing yourself harm because God is never your problem. God is never, ever your problem when you face problems, difficulties or extremities in your life. And if you think God is the problem then you will never find the answer to your problems because He is the answer to all things.

God is a sovereign God, but He also put us in charge of our lives and living by faith in Him and not by sight is what He requires. Living by faith means simply, we put our faith in God and His Word and expect our results to turn out just like God promised us in His Word.

Some people think God is sovereign and controls everything; but that is against the law of faith where our outcome is determined by what we believe. God doesn’t have the right to step into our lives if we choose not to live by faith and instead live by sight or our five physical senses. God cannot go against His Word and get involved in our lives if we don’t ask Him to in prayer and believe that He will do it. If He did He would be going against His Word.

As Christians we no longer live under the Old Testament; so God’s will for us is from Acts through Revelation. We can also use the words of Jesus but only where it didn’t apply to being under the Law of Moses. That was in a different covenant Jesus did away with by the cross and He has now given us Christians the New Testament, an entirely new covenant. If Christians knew this, it would save them a lot of...

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