Hidden Benefits to Having a Part Time Job

Hidden Benefits to Having a Part Time Job

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揌ello, welcome to McDonald抯, can I take your order please?? 揟hank you, come again.? These are just a few phrases that are attached to part-time jobs. There are a couple of reasons why people apply for part-time jobs. Some may need the extra money, or maybe they are just bored. I simply got one because I wanted the money. But whatever the reason is, I realized that I profited from the jobs more than I could ever imagine.

The experience gained from a part-time job is priceless. My first job was being a waitress at my parent抯 friend抯 restaurant. I thought being a waitress was to just be friendly and take orders and then the customers would leave you a generous tip for writing down their order so well. I had a positive outlook and attitude on my first day at work; however, things did not go as I had hoped for. First, I did not make myself clear enough to the cook when I asked him not to add garlic to a customer抯 dish. He mistakenly thought I said to add extra garlic to the dish and the customer was obviously not happy. Then, I spilled a cup of soda on a customer抯 blouse. To make things worse, one of the restaurant抯 most loyal customers demanded to speak with my manager because she accused me of spitting in her drink. Just from this one day of working, I learned that being a waitress meant much more than taking orders. You must live by the 揷ustomers are always right?motto and good communication is a must. I obviously was not a waitress for very long. My next job was a cashier at a supermarket. The ability to communicate well with patrons here was a very vital part of my job. Currently, I am a nail technician where my development of communication skills is very useful when working with my clients. Through my part-time jobs, I have come across many real world situations that I now have knowledge of.

Each new job, whether it is part-time or full-time, comes with new tasks and responsibilities. My mother...

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