Hcs 451

Hcs 451

Jessica L. Grant

Vital Voice for Mental Health


Rebecca Truett

Vital Voices for Mental Health leaders in the organization had hired me on to be a consultant to help improve the organization. In this summary I will describe what kind of organization this is and the purpose or concepts of the risk and quality management in health care organization. I will explain the steps the organization may take to identify and manage their risks. I will also identify the typical or actual risk in the organization and the internal and external factors that influences quality outcomes in the organization.

By being hired as a consultant for Vital Voices for Mental Health facility my main focus will be to establish a secure risk assessment and quality management that will be used to identify the quality of patient’s outcomes. I will help assess the organization’s current status and define a future plane for providing quality of health care. Any projects that are done with Vital Voice for Mental Health facility will need to be well planned and thought out. By working as a consultant for Vital Voice for Mental Health my role in the facility would be to work towards improving employee’s performance and management from existing developments and issues throughout the organization. There are three other things I will implement in three areas which are educate about change management, develop strategy and plans and enable the other 'doers' of change management (Trotter, W. 2013).

Who is Vital Voice for Mental Health

Vital Voice for Mental Health is a non-profit Milwaukee Country behavioral health system in Wisconsin. This organization was created for mental health consumer to be an advocate or a voice for the individual they serve. The organization help consumer with mental illness when it comes to finding the best possible treatment, care and also respond to concerns expressed by family members and providers....

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