Health Care Ethics

Health Care Ethics

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Going through the course one chapter jumped out at me, it is chapter 17. The chapter provides an overview of health care ethics an moral principles.

the chapter goes on by giving a background on the words ethics and morals. Ethics and morals are derivatives from the Greek and Latin terms (roots) for custom. The intent here is not to burden the reader with the philosophy and arguments surrounding ethical theories, morality , principles, virtues and values . However, with the study of any new subject, “words are the tools of thought”. therefore some new vocabulary is presented to apply the abstract theories and principles of ethics.

I picked to write about this chapter because it spoke to me. As a society our standards have been lowered when it comes to ethics and moral principles. We treat our patients like pay checks and over time physicians seem to lose track of why they became doctors. They worry more about losing their licenses and want to do as little as possible for their patients. Modern day physicians lack respect and kindness for their patients, they feel superior to everyone because of their studies.

The chapter also cover the patient right to stop on going treatment. In page 259, it states that when death is imminent and cannot be prevented by available treatment, it is morally permissible to withhold treatment that can yield only a precarious prolongation of life that may involve a great burden for the patient's family. I stand with the decision of early termination, if you know treatment isn't going to work. My aunt had terminal colon cancer and had over 12 surgeries to take out many of her organs that the cancer spread into, everyday It got more and more painful to see her in that condition. I know most people don’t think its the human thing to do but I don’t think it should be a third party decision on that matter. My family spent months going in and out of the hospital and everyday my aunt looked...

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