Hello Boys

Hello Boys

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Write a one page typed or two pages hand printed (200-250 words) reflection about your time in the Haliburtons at Camp Wanakita. You may choose to describe & reflect on your overall experience or focus on 1 or 2 aspects of your trip that were unique or interesting, it is up to you. You are expected to have an introduction, body and conclusion. You should make sure your paragraphs are complete and you used correct grammar and spelling. Be creative, use some humour, it should NOT be an accounting of what you did day by day. You should also be working on your Chemistry Title page which is due on Monday Sept 22nd. There will be a quiz on Tuesday Sept 23rd.

Sept 15
Bingo! Tell me about Oxyacids. Covalent (Molecular) Compounds Note on section 5.11 (+ WS). HW Do questions page 198 # 3, 4 + Time to work on page 204 # 4, 5, 6 + WS Molecular Compounds. QUIZ ON IONIC MOLECULES (NAMING AND FORMULAS) Tuesday September 23rd ---> will include simple naming and formulas for metal + non-metal; transition metal + non-metal; and metal + polyatomic ion. Questions # 1 to 10 on page 195. Did you do the questions on page 198?

Sept 12
Elements Quiz. Collect the PT Activity. Review and take up Naming Ionic Compounds. 2 WS on naming / formulas using Polyatomic Ions. Read Section 5.9. Do questions # 1 to 7 on page 198. Fill in the worksheet table on oxyacids + complete the naming / formulas on the other worksheet. Work on Chemistry Title Pages (see above).

Sept 11
Handout Note + Worksheet on Naming and Formulas for Ionic Compounds. Go over how to do it and examples then work on practice. BINGO HW Finish WS + Re-read pages 201 to 202 and do Q # 1, 2, 3 on page 204. Study for elements quiz for Friday.

Sept 10
Take up any problems from p187. Review + add metals make CATIONS (positive ions) and non-metals make ANIONS (negative ions) to yesterdays note. Note on Section 5.6 Binary Compounds on overhead. BINGO ! Learn elements. Work on WS...

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