Help Sheets for a Gcse English Exam

Help Sheets for a Gcse English Exam

As a student you should be looking to get in your GCSE’s a Grade C or above. To get a grade C you have to include all of the basic things that you have learned in year 7, 8, 9 & 10, these would be capital letters, full stops, paragraphing, punctuation and basic language techniques.

The first thing that you have to remember to get a grade C in the exam would be punctuation. Punctuation is used in all jobs, for example, people who write plays or books have to use punctuation in their work.
Basics would be
- Capital Letters '' are there capital letters at the front of every sentence?
- Full Stops '' are there full stops at the end of every sentence?
- Grammar '' what you have written, does it make sense?
- Spelling '' what you have written is all the spelling correct?
- Have you included commas, Colons, Semi Colons?

Another thing that you should always remember is the way that you structure your essay. This is also known better as paragraphing. You have to remember to plan your essay first before you put pen to paper to say what part of the essay should go where and you should stick to that plan and stay focused, don’t go blabbering on about something that doesn’t relate to that topic. One simple mistake could cost you valuable marks that you can not afford to loose.

To gain extra marks you have to use connectives such as
- and
- because
- also
- whatever
- besides
- until
- consequently
- after
- yet
- never the less
- although
- but and
- finally
Using connectives in your exam will guarantee you at least a couple of marks that will go towards your total score and help you get a grade C.

In Paper 1 Examiners will be looking for bullet points, underlining and how well you have answered the question asked, remember that you have to PEE All over your work (Point, Evidence/Quote, Explain how useful it is). If you are asked to produce a list you may use phrases...

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