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Chapter 3: Have a Positive Impact on Your Company, Customers and Colleagues

Student Name: Kelli Shumaker

In the book How to be the Person Successful Companies Fight to Keep, please read Chapter 3, pages 55 through 66. As you are reading, complete this study guide. You will want to have this finished prior to the class discussion over Chapter 2.

You will answer the following questions into the form fields of this document. When you are finished, you will need to SAVE your file and then submit your file into the Moodle assignment link.

1. How would you define ‘Positive Attitude’? Positive attitude is a person's state of mind in which they are happy or enjoyable to be around.

If you had to rate your own attitude, on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, where would you rank yourself? 8 Please explain your reasoning. I give myself an 8 overall because most of the time I can maintain a good attitude. I always try to remember where I have come from and what it used to be like. This helps put my perspective of life back in check. Things may get hard at times, but I remember it's a good hard. I am working for something that will pay off later in life. My past experiences help me to not complain much because I know how bad it can really get.

2. Do employees and companies have the right to expect that an employee’s behavior and performance will have a direct impact on their organization? Yes, I do believe companies do have the right to expect that an employee's behavior and performance will have a direct impact on their organization.

How does that or should that directly impact the employee’s attitude and the expectations from the company? That should directly impact the employee's attitude and the expectation's from the company by the employee maintaining a positive attitude in the workplace even if they don't "feel" that way. An employee's attitude, if negative, results in the company not staying in business. If an...

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