Heres Mine

Heres Mine

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These past few years
Have held the toughest times
Who would have thought that growing up would be the hardest thing in my life
Every day's a battle and I never fucking win I'm left standing alone
With these scars on my chest
Reminiscing on my losses but only gaining full respect for my self
I don't know where I stand in this cold world but I do know is
I know I can't quit
I know I won't quit
Every day a battle and I stand alone I'll face it all man I'll face the world
Reading through the chapters in the book I call life
Nothing seems to ever fit nothings ever right
But I made a promise to myself that I would
Never turn my back in this life I will never take the
Easy way out
I'll stand on top of this mountain ill make it crystal fucking clear
Ill take what the world has to offer and I'll face it without fear
Nothings to hard to just quit I wont turn my back on
On a life I have yet to live I have so much I would like to give
A fresh start, a new beginning.
A turning point in my life.

The time, I felt, was right. And time, in fact, I had in hand.
Thus, I make a return.

This past year has been a trying one. Far too many disappointments, a few triumphs and a sea of changes.
At present, I find myself at a cross-roads, uncertain of what road to take. Yet, I am content.
The future looks bright. There is very little to be lost and lots to be gained.

Against all odds, I haven't changed.... much.

"If you want something you've never had, you've gotta do something you've never done."

New Being! =] Forget The Past And Everyone In It,Lost The Friends,But New Being =] Startin To Get My Life Together 4rm Now On "

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