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That heroes sacrifice their life and safety for the sake of people is what others may think about heroes. They rescue whoever is in danger and protects them from the “evil forces”. They fight whoever creates havoc to a place or nation; just like how the Justice League and other superheroes fight crime and save the day. But my concept of heroism, that even by just giving a helping hand to someone is need, is what I consider the modern heroism.

In the real world, I don’t think that these heroes, whom we watch in movies and read about in comics, exist. They are all made up from the creativity and imagination of the author. Real heroes for me are present inside all of us. We can show our being heroes from the way we act towards other people. That we are helping them by sharing, giving good advices, and listening to their problems are showing heroic qualities.

Though I believe that deep inside of us a hero lives, I cannot deny the fact that many forget the importance of heroes these days. Some people became selfish and wanted the good things only for themselves. They cared less for their neighbors and stepped on whoever seems to be their challenge in becoming successful. Instead of being a hero to them by helping pull them up, they’ve pushed him down further. Heroes are needed now, especially during this time when in our society, crime, corruption, over population, and many other problems are present. We need of someone who can be heroes and stop all of these problems.

Every day, we can unleash the inner “hero” inside all of us. We just have to remember that we don’t have to be like our favorite superheroes to be considered as one. That we helped clean the house, taught our younger siblings lessons in Math that they find hard to understand, shared food to our classmate who forgot their lunch are just some of the very simple heroic actions that we can do each day.

So go on, why not be a hero to a family member, a friend, a classmate, or even someone you...

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