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Group Decision Making

Discuss in a minimum of 350 words, group and team decision making. Specifically Identify the advantages as well as the disadvantages of group and team decision making.

The three different methods used in team decision making include Interacting groups, Delphi groups, and Nominal groups. The interacting group is the decision making team that openly communicates about the best alternatives for the team. The Delphi group uses a panel of experts to arrive to a expert conclusion. The Nominal group meeting are face to face to develop innovations and new alternatives (Griffin, seventh edition, Pg 111).

In order for a manager to effectively lead a team to their advantage the manager must listen, educate themselves, be open for change, know the pro’s and cons. However setting deadlines can help to manage time and cost. In essence a group and team decision making can be very costly. A member can be very dominating and the support the team needs is now non supportive.

Personally I have been apart of a good decision making team. Durning this process
one of the members of the team refused to listen and wanted to voice their own opinion taking control. As a result the decision making process was not as effective if he was on board and agreed. The route caused this one individual who lacked the ability to effectively listen to others opinion and be willing to accept changes that where presented to the team. The final outcome was group think the team was overwhelmed by the member.

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