blue ridge spain case study

blue ridge spain case study

Jeremy Murby
90 Cinderella Drive, QLD 4127
Phone Number:
0432 112 270

I’m an experienced technician and manager recently moved from Victoria seeking new opportunities. I am looking for a challenging new role where I have the opportunity to expand and apply my range of skills. My greatest strengths are problem solving, lateral thinking, creativity, and strong motivation to accomplish goals and actively seek ways to optimize and improve.

Key Skills

Able to swiftly gain proficiency with new methodologies, technologies and software
Extensive experience in problem solving, learning and thriving in unfamiliar environments
Proven track record of responsive and courteous customer service with excellent communication skills
Demonstrated ability to engage and relate with upper management, internal and external stakeholders

Proficient with:
Excellent understanding of hardware, operating systems, and optimization of performance
Proven ability to expertly diagnose problems and optimize systems
Fast and efficient typist (65wpm, 98% accuracy)

Work Experience

Store Manager & Technician 2007 to 2013
Infinity Computer Group

Job Functions
Store manager
Retail computer hardware & software sales (custom built PCs)
Account keeping and stock control
Customer service and support

Key Achievements
Management of retail computer stores (i.e. human resources, account keeping; stock & staff management)
Remote support and on-site service and basic networking
Sales of desktop, server, network equipment, notebooks and components
Technician repairing all manner of hardware and software faults
Managing & improving marketing/advertising online
Web hosting sales and support

Service Station Manager
AP & NL Schultz 2001-2007

Job Functions
Manage staff, stock control, data entry, book keeping, conflict resolution, cleaning.

Key Achievements...

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