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Saturday – Prospector
1:40 – Bam Bam, Bob, Kevin
1:50 – Pete, Jon, Drew
2:00 – Ian, Matt, Billy

Sunday – Rope Rider
9:50 – Pete, Ian, BamBam
10:00 – Bob, Jon, Matt
10:10 – Kevin, Drew, Billy

Monday – Tumble Creek
9:50 – Bob, Pete, Billy
10:00 – Kevin, Jon, Ian
10:10 – BamBam, Drew, Matt

We will play a team scramble format. Each team must use a minimum of 3 drives per player. No mulligans even for the Irishmen! No gimme’s Kevin and NEVER tap in a missed putt regardless of what Ian says!!!! That tap in counts – other than Ian’s new one, there are no erasers in golf!. Old farts wishing to tee off from the geezer tees MUST wear their own Pink hats. The sharing of pink hats, just like sharing clubs is against the rules of golf and is considered to be a major fore paw.
Scoring will be traditional stroke play but no worse than double bogey. At that point just pick up yer friggin balls and stagger to the next hole. We will be using a team handicap method invented by Albert Einstein and Bill Murray one afternoon while sipping aperitifs at the local 19th hole. I have played in tournaments where this method has been employed and we were all too drunk to know whether it was sort of accurate but it seemed to all of us that it was. Either that or we just didn’t give a shit. Either way, it seems appropriate for our group. It goes like this:
Teams record their gross scores (No, Ian, you still can’t keep score and whichever team has Kevin must appoint anyone but him as Official Stroke Counter. He is allowed to keep score but not allowed to count. )
Following the round, 3 holes are chosen at random to be the handicap determination holes. Add these up.
Apply the following percentages to each team’s handicap holes total based on their team total gross score to arrive at the net score as follows:
Team Gross Score of 59 or less 30%
Team Gross Score of 60 – 64: 70%
Team Gross...

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