HIS 125 Appendix B Week 2

HIS 125 Appendix B Week 2

Axia College Material: Week 2
Appendix B

Similarities in the South and West

Part One: Table

Complete the table below by inserting two to three brief points on the social and economic similarities of the South and the West.

The New South and the Western Frontier

Both had issues with race that made for all the problems because of all the superiority of the stance that the whites in the area held.
In both arrears whites were violent in establishing their views.
Both the South and West supplied raw materials to the Northeast
Both the South and West were heavy on meeting the agricultural needs of the northeast.

Part Two: Summary

Draw on the information from your table to write a 150- to 200-word summary explaining the major social and economic similarities that occurred in these two vastly different regions.

Even though the new South and Western Frontier were very different, there were some critical similarities the both shared socially and economically between the two newly emerge regions. Socially both the New South and Western Frontier were said to be more racially allowing blacks to be their areas. This was not true as it would have seemed. On the contrary, both areas of race seem to be dividing on issues. Most of the time it always lead to violent outbreak. Most Whites at that time agree with each other which was also similarity. Feeling that they were superior to blacks and they weren’t afraid to make it known. The two economically also were very alike. They both wanted the New South and Western Frontier to supply the northeast with a large amount of raw materials that were being used. Yet both the New South and Western Frontier were very agriculturally productive. They both always met the demands of being placed on them from the northeast.

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