History of the Kappa Kappa Psi Flag

History of the Kappa Kappa Psi Flag

Eighth Note Spring 2003

G.R. Schaag, Eta Sigma - ΚΚΨ

This was a long process. I had been chapter VP for three years, attended both district and national conventions began to ponder some identity questions. With my extensive background in Boy Scouts I decided to create a chapter flag somewhat like a patrol flag in Scouts. I figured that while at conventions the flag would be an easy way for the brothers of our chapter to find each other as well state to the rest of the chapters who we are. I designed the flag along with brother Paul Foster, got chapter approval, and took the materials to Scott Felton’s mother for construction. I guess you could say Pauline Felton was the Betsy Ross of Eta Sigma.

Being VP for three years had me working with the sisters VP. After looking through some of their training material I saw that they had a national flag and I saw it again at national convention. I figured since we had been around longer then they had, we needed a national flag.

I attended a national convention, talked up the idea for a national flag, and presented the idea to the proper committee to have the motion placed on the floor for a vote. At the last minute the committee decided their agenda was full and did not want to spend any time on the issue. I was in a panic. I did not want to wait another two years before the idea would be discussed again. I wrote out a motion and handed it to our chapter delegate. When the chair was asked if there was any more business before the floor closed, our delegate stood, made the motion, at vote was taken and passed.

The next national convention would accept designs for consideration. My next task was to come up with a design that first would be better than all other designs and second would be one that most everyone would like. It was the spring before national convention and I had been a year and a half and not come up with any idea for a design. I can still remember driving to my...

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