Homosexuality Study

Homosexuality Study

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Derrick Anderson
General Psychology 1003

Co-Twin Studies and Homosexuality

1) The underlining question of this report was to determine if homosexuality is as healthy as heterosexuality. The author Whitehead strongly dissociated “gays” in the manor of social and mental normality. Majority of the studies indicated are vague while singling out negative attribute of the homosexual population. We see higher rates of suicide, depression, bulimia, antisocial personality disorder, and substance abuse. The gay lifestyle contributes to lease factors that might lead one to suicide. Homosexuals tend to have more partners, enduring more break ups and being at higher risk to STD’s or HIV. Of these factors, about 2/3 were caused by breakups of relationships- not pressures from society. Society pressures do not lead to mental stress as previously considered. The Netherlands for example has one of the highest tolerances of homosexuality, yet mental illness prevailed in homosexuals. The United State has a lower level of tolerance to the gay lifestyle and the suicidal attempts were about the same in both countries. The section on promiscuity and antisocial personality was a bit confusing. How can there be a clinical study on patient examined with problems such a STD’s? Antisocial individuals may be hesitant, or study was possible aimed towards antisocial individuals. It is hard to distinguish the reliability of his arguments. If majority of the studies are based in a location that has acceptance for homosexuality (Netherlands or New Zealand), this could potentially be bias to some regards. In a concentrated population, some situations are inevitable. This has the opportunity to increase the number of sexual partners, thus the spread of diseases can accumulate more quickly. Breakups will occur, so how mainly of those individuals surveyed were in relationships?
In reference to the twin studies with Vietnam vets, I believe that survey in irrelevant. The...

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