Hongxing Mobile Impact Crusher Station

Hongxing Mobile Impact Crusher Station

In addition to often check all parts of the fastening loose, also should check the wear parts, such as severe wear should be replaced promptly, so as not to damage the main parts, at the Hongxing time take necessary precautions against fire. Because of the high speed, in addition to correctly installed firmly, also should maintain good lubrication, to maintain the normal operation of the machine. General bearing temperature not exceeding 70 degrees for the normal. Host bearing added once a week of butter, molybdenum disulfide, add high-speed butter effect is better. After mastering these common sense, then the operating system mobile impact crusher station equipment are safer, Hongxing has the rock crusher and roller mill Innovation dream will no longer be a dream.

Hongxing provides installation service system mobile impact crusher station for customers, and this reminds customers in the installation of equipment after production, it is best not to directly start, the best first to the equipment to test machine, so as to guarantee the quality of equipment installation, Henan Hongxing mobile impact crusher station manufacturers to introduce you to the test machine key: test machine before the start of each part of the machine installation should strictly check whether it meets the requirements, screw bolt is loose, can be used to handle gently pull the belt running test, whether to touch the phenomenon such as shell. Also check the rotation direction, it is strictly prohibited to crushing inflammable, explosive, so as to avoid the occurrence of accidents. Should maintain a uniform material to ensure the grinding quality and normal production of 2 production, at the Hongxing time strictly motor overload, in order to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

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