Hot and Cold Weather Comparisons

Hot and Cold Weather Comparisons

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Comparison and Contrast Essay
Hot and Cold Weather Comparisons
Albert Weyant
COMM/215 - Essentials of College Writing
September 15, 2012
Dr. Nancy Reynolds

Hot and Cold Weather
Hot and cold climates will be discussed and the different comparisons between them. I will state my opinions and objectives pertaining to the two climates. The differences I will discuss are the climates, activities, and locations. Millions of people prefer to use the two different climates to accommodate themselves when the climates are in a comfortable temperature for them. Each year many lives are lost because of heat stroke and flu. The numbers are not very close. Four times as many people die from flu than heat stroke related deaths. Some prefer hot over cold and some, cold over hot. The differences between hot and cold are extreme. People have their own reasoning for the preferences.

The first difference between Hot and Cold Weather are the climates
The American Heritages, “the long-term prevalent weather conditions of an area, determined by latitude, position relative to oceans or continents, altitude, etc.,” describe climate. (2005). Climate, described by Merriam-Webster, is, “the non-specialist, climate means expected or habitual weather at a particular place and time of year. To the specialist, climate also denotes the degree of variability of weather, and it includes not only the atmosphere but also the hydrosphere, lithosphere, biosphere, and such extraterrestrial factors as the sun” (2012).
Hot climates are around the equator. There are places in the world classified as hot, north of the equator too. John Wiley and Sons mention, “The sun's rays hit the equator at a direct angle between 23 ° N and 23 ° S latitude. Radiation that reaches the atmosphere here is at its most intense” (1984).

Cold climates are closer to the two poles but do frequent closer to the equator. The North and South Poles are in the extreme climate area of cold. Snow and ice are...

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