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What are Atmospheric Effects?

When does Condensation occur?

What are hygroscopic nuclei?

What is precipitation?

What is Coalescence?

What is the Bergeron Process and what does the process involve?

What types of Precipitation are there?

What is Air Mass?

Atmospheric Effects are the effects that everything from rain to pollution to people have on the atmosphere.

Condensation occurs in an air mass when the dew point is reached.

Foreign particles that initiate the formation of droplets that eventually fall as precipitation.(rain)

Droplets that fall

Coalescence is the formation of drops by the collision of droplets, the result being larger droplets grow at the expense of smaller ones.

The Bergeron Process is probably the more important process for the initiation of precipitation. This process involves clouds that contain: 1) ice crystals in their upper portions 2) have become super-cooled in their lower portion
3) mix

Rain, snow, sleet, hail, dew, frost

When a large body of air takes on physical characteristics that distinguish it from the surrounding air.

What are the main characteristics of Air Mass?

What are the classifications of Air Mass?

What are Storms?

What type of Local Storms are there?

What are Tropical Storms?

How does a hurricane work?

What is Atmospheric Pollution?

Temperature and moisture content

Maritime Arctic, Continental Arctic, Maritime Polar, Continental Polar, Maritime Tropical, Continental Tropical

Storms are Atmospheric disturbances that may develop locally within a single air mass or may be due to frontal activity along the boundary of air masses.

Rain storms, thunderstorms, ice storms, snow storms, blizzards tornados, hurricanes

The term Tropical Storm refers to the massive disturbances that form over tropical oceanic regions.

A hurricane gains its energy from its source region. As more and more air rises, the hurricane grows, with clouds and...

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