How Asia and Africa Are Situated in a Complex Web of Obesity

How Asia and Africa Are Situated in a Complex Web of Obesity

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PE Essay- Obesity levels

In today’s world food is a resource that some have too much of and others have no idea if they will have something to eat in the evening. These two sides have names. Europe/America and the second one is Africa. Imagine this: two men walk 500 meters to work. The first passes 12 places to eat and the second none. The main question we have to ask ourselves is what are the differences between these two men? For one there is the place, the first is walking down a city street in America and the second man is walking down a path in rural Africa. But the second and more obvious difference is the weight. While the first man weighs a whopping 105kg the African man weighs a mere 65kg. Why this is, is the next logical question; the answer is a complicated one and has many aspects that need to be considered.

In this essay I will answer why’s, how’s and where’s of western world is obesity and will analyze how the numbers could be brought down. I will also explain how Asia and Africa are situated in the complex web of obesity.

European culture is all about food. Bars, restaurants and snacks are all in the included in a normal day of a person in Europe or USA. I will take a closer look at Germany. Germany is an economically very developed country, 78% of the jobs are office jobs (defining office job as a job in which most of the work is done sitting.) this is a high percentage compared to other countries in the world. This means that many Germans don’t get exercise as a by product of their job (An example would be a normal worker or farmer.). If we look at the chart on the right we can see that Germans with 13% are on the 13th place in the world and in 8th place in Europe. This is because of many reasons. I will explain them now.

In the morning when most Germans get up they eat a big breakfast, which is good if you eat the right kind of food, but the problem is that most Germans eat food that is too sugary such as cornflakes of...

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