How Does the Poet Display His Concerns?

How Does the Poet Display His Concerns?

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How Does The Poet Display His Concerns?
"Rising five" by Norman Nicholson is a poem based on humans and youths in general regarding how they are always looking towards and focusing on the future rather than the present tense perspective. The poets concerns are people not living the present and the poet has been able to convey this through the use of metaphors, presenting imageries and symbols, using alliteration and emphasize for certain ideas and through the comparison of man and nature.
The first stanza of the poem presents a conversation between the narrator and a young boy who is about to turn five years old. The child is desperate to sound older, "I'm rising five," "Not four," he said. The poet in ...
...rising June." Spring in this case has been used as a comparison to the boy; it is not 'May,' 'but rising June.' The boy is not 'four,' 'but rising five.' This reinforces the main idea how people are never anything but are always hoping and wishing to be something in the future, there fore the poet in this case is able to display his main concern of people not seizing life and who they are. Nature is again introduced through the idea of the "New buds push the old leaves from bough." In this case the poet sends out a message of time, how generations grow and pass on, presenting the awareness of mortality. ...

What is the poem about?

This poem is about the fact that we never take out time to smell the roses.We are always in such a hurry that we forget to live the moments that we have.The very title ‘rising five’ was used for children who were to be admitted to infants school,but had not quite reached the age of five.Metaphorically,it depicts that the poet wants to rise,to go higher and higher and experience everything that life has in store for him. ‘ I am rising five’, is an innocent declaration by the child that he is mature and growing up. There is happiness at the fact that he is rising and going to be five but there is impatience in the fact that...

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