How Much Did Economic Success Increase the Popularity of the Nazi Party

How Much Did Economic Success Increase the Popularity of the Nazi Party

How much did economic success increase the popularity of the Nazi party

Economic success contributed a lot to the popularity of the Nazi party, but it was not the only reason for it. Hitler promised people jobs in which they could earn a decent amount of money to live. This promise appealed to the German people because so many didn’t have jobs and had very little money, and so were more likely to like Hitler. This was because the Nazis came to power soon after the depression in Germany. Many people blame the unemployment, poverty and loss caused by the wall street crash on the government and turned, instead, to the Nazis to help them out of the economic situation. Hitler said he would create a new Germany, this gave the Germans a feeling of strength and something to be a part of.

Hitler promised a stable country with a strong leader, this would have appealed to the Germans because the economy had been very unstable since the wall street crash, which had had a big impact on their lives. The government had previously been a coalition, this meant that the government couldn’t be very strong because there was no main decision maker to sort out the problems caused by the depression – this made it easier for the German people to blame the economic problems on the government and made them want a strong, independent leader more.

The Treaty of Versailles demanded that, Germany disarmed after World War I, this had caused a significant amount of unemployment because it meant that there were fewer jobs in the army available as well as less people employed to make weapons. Hitler chose to rearm, which decreased unemployment, it also helped him gain popularity from those who disagreed with the Treaty of Versailles. However, rearmament was not completely good for the German economy; an increasing amount of money was spent on it which somewhat damaged the economy.

The Nazis successfully reduced unemployment. This shows that they were somewhat successful economically,...

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