How to Become a Saint

How to Become a Saint

In a workshop about vocation(religious life)that I had chance to take part in, there was a question which touched my heart was that what purpose of religious life is. And its answer can make many people surprise is that religious life doesn’t consist in obtaining the priesthood; rather the end of devoted life is becoming or being a saint. This is really right because if we consider it as a certain job or occupation, we can lose its noble meaning that is something beyond the mediority of worldly life. Indeed the invitation to be a saint is not only for the people devoting their life, but for every body as the saying in the Gospel: “all of you become holy as your Father is the Holy”.

There is many ways or methods to become a saint. For example, after each time one receives the reconciliation sacrament, he or she can be called a saint because of their purity and cleanness. From my point of view, the method to be a saint is the same as that of Saint Therese of Lisieux. This is a little and simple way that requires a great love for God and for everybody we serve. This way was expressed in living the Gospel spirits that were taught and presented by Jesus Christ.

The most important character in the Gospel is Jesus Christ who is the beginning and the end of all things. So if we don’t know the Gospel, we won’t also know Jesus Christ. Therefore, living according to the Gospel spirits means living the spirit of Jesus Christ. In other words, this means imitating His example. When talking about the Gospel, Saint Therese considered it as the best, above all other things, it helped her in the time of prayer…And in her narrative manuscript, there were many times she cited from the Gospel. Because of this, the way and spirit of Jesus became Therese’s life. It was the way of life Therese discovered that has brought the joy and happiness to many people who want to become a saint like her.

This spirituality focus on love. This is presented in all things even though we do...

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