How to Become a Good Student

How to Become a Good Student

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How to become a good student

Have you ever wondered why some students get all the A’s at school. In my experience, I have found some qualities in students that make them become a good student.

A student is someone who wants to learn and study to make themselves better .They should attend their classes on time and not miss even a single class. They do well in school for many different reasons . First , they have legitimate excuses and reasons for not attending class . They also participate in class discussion even if their plans are clumsy and difficult ,and present their work with strong information .They always try to get higher grades in class , if someone who wants to be a successful student they will benefit both in and outside of school . A successful student should be diligent , organized , well behaved , motivated and responsible .Becoming a good student is not an easy task . They should ask friends to study group together because that’s a good way for them to exchange the knowledge .During class they should raise their hands and give opinions . At home , they should spend two hours to do the homework .Second , listen well during class this means the students have to takes notes while they are listening , even if the instructor doesn’t say they have to .Finally, a good student will sit down and look all the homework they have left to work on , and make a list of which must be done first .They start preparing for their for their test ahead of time , and don’t hesitate .Student shouldn’t be getting up and leaving in the middle of class .
A good student who knows how to manage time wisely ,and it’s hard for people who are working and attending at school .It is very common when a student gets a bad grade in their test

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