How to Operate The Ball Mill?

How to Operate The Ball Mill?

How to operate the ball mill level 2 match ball? There are still some friends who do not know if the improper operation may cause unnecessary loss, the following about the ball mill with secondary ball to introduce you to everybody.

Ball mill is the main grinding medium, according to the steel ball size, quality of steel ball, material crushing requirements, etc., to choose the right means of match ball, is helpful to improve the crushing efficiency of ball mill

Has multiple in ball mill with a ball and two stage with two ball ways, including in terms of multistage match ball, the material of steel ball impact force and impact frequency, stock capacity requirements are dependent on the average ball diameter, and the secondary match ball, mainly according to the diameter of the ball to determine these factors, including material stock capacity and is directly related to the diameter of the ball, reproduced, was relatively simple easy to operate, is commonly used with the ball at the moment. By professional ball mill factory yantai xinhai mining machinery co., LTD. Is the secondary match ball pattern theory knowledge, for the majority of users analysis explain:

About the definition of secondary match ball mill equipment, refers to the two large difference in diameter of steel ball by large and small steel ball to grading, mainly in order to improve the impact crushing capacity of a warehouse, the ball is mainly ACTS as crushing medium, the effect of balls, one is the filling effect, reduce the space between the big ball rate, restricted material flow velocity, 2 it is the energy transfer effect, ball through which the energy is passed on to the gap of the material, the material of the three is the gap in "squeeze out", in the role of the ball area. Secondary match ball mainly consider the following three parameters:

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