How to Operate Fote Coal Mill Correctly and Safely?

How to Operate Fote Coal Mill Correctly and Safely?

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To meet the requirements of coal mill increasing output and the need of the boiler load, and improve the level of coal mill automatic control, at the end of the 20th century, has introduced the third generation of MPS type medium speed coal mills production - consumption, efficient, energy saving MPS - HP - type II medium-speed coal mill. This series of products to learn the advantages of other kinds of medium-speed grinding, retained the MPS coal mill characteristics, make the coal mill structure more reasonable, superior performance, control more effectively. At present in the global market has get user recognition, and this coal mill has been widely used. BUT do u know How to Operate Fote Coal Mill Correctly and Safely?

If you want to operrate coal mill well, you should do as the following:

Air-Swept Coal Mill

1. change the piling method of the coal to make the coal accumulate little amount, thus avoiding the spontaneous combustion of the coal.

2. change the gap of the great bar from 25mm to 22mm; thus decrease the wind speed and increase the drying speed.

3. add a settling chamber between the coal mill and the pipe; thus prevent the hot coal powder enter the coal grinding mill.

4. add a explosion-proof valve at the opening.

5. increase the fineness of the coal from 10% to 15%.

6. make up strict safety rules.

The coal is made of pulverized coal by the coal mill mainly through the three ways of crushing, shredding and grinding. Among the three ways, the energy consumption of the crushing process is the smallest while that of the grinding process is the most. The milling process of the various coal mills contains two or three ways of the above-mentioned.

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