What Is Air-swept Coal Mill?

What Is Air-swept Coal Mill?

Feeding device feeds raw coal into feeding unit of the air-swept coal mill. When material slips down, hot air with temperatures of 300 °C enters into the coal mill through the intake tube for drying the raw coal. Raw coal borrows its kinetic energy of sliding down to enter into the drying warehouse of tube body through hollow axis, and enter into the second warehouse after being fully dried in the drying warehouse of tube body. The second warehouse of the coal mill is installed with grinding medium, due to rotating of tube body, grinding medium will be lifted to certain height by classifying lining board, and use its impact and friction force to break and grind raw coal. When raw coal is being broken and grinded, ventilation machine and discharging device will collect grinded fine powder together with hot air. The mixture of fine powder and hot air will be classified with special separator, then unqualified coal will be returned to the coal mill for grinding again, while the mixture of qualified fine powder and hot air will be collected by cyclone dust collector, so as to separate fine powder and hot air.

Performance characteristics:

1. Reliable operation, continuous operation, and large production capacity.

2. Less transmission parts and low maintenance costs.

This mill is designed in the pros and cons of open-circuit grinding system and makes significant improvement from the traditional ball mill. In addition to all the advantages of open stream grinding mill, air-swept coal mill has significantly improved milling productivity compared with the ball mill with same specification. It provides a new type of grinding equipment for high-grade cement with fine powder, which achieves high yield and high fineness.

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