How to Serve Mam

How to Serve Mam

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i hope everything keeps going well!

aww, well that shows that he probably has been raised well. my friend is like that, but she's only 40 (she used to be a co-worker of mine)

completely "i don't need a man", no bullshit, nobody's going to take charge but me type person. i wish i was that strong and independent.

My parents just both told me yesterday that they were concerned about me and that I needed to work out an exercise plan, etc. etc. I hate it the most because I know they're right. I haven't cried this hard in so long. My weight is not something I talk about with anyone EVER.

I don't know if i'm actually gaining weight, but they were right that i needed to do something different. i went to warm up for my dance performance and was totally distracted, and then my friend was making fun of me in a playful way, and i went to the bathroom and cried for like five minutes. and then i came back, and my friend asked me what was wrong, and everyone started crowding me, and i just burst into tears. i couldn't even finish warming up, i sat in the light booth for the remainder. i cried for like 20 minutes straight, but all of my friends were there, and they told me that i was beautiful, and my eating habits didn't make me a bad person, and that my parents shouldn't have said that, and that if i want to change, i should do it for me, and that they would work out with me. it really meant a lot that they said all of that, and i told my parents last night that i didn't want to talk about my weight again because everything they could tell me i already know. i felt anxious all weekend though, like i've set myself on an irreversible path of weight gain and misery. i don't know if i can lose any weight, it's so difficult!
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that's alright. i understand.

we've been ok lately. i mean, we have our moments (i.e. when i...

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